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Lucid Dreaming X Affiliate Program Earn 75% Promote A Proven Seller!

lucid dreaming affiliate


General Details About The Product

Lucid Dreaming Secrets Unveiled Affiliate Program

Product Name: Lucid Dreaming Secrets Unveiled



Affiliate Payout: 75% of $37 + 75% Upsell

"Lucid Dreaming Secrets X" is the digital program that teaches you how to Lucid Dream from the very basics up to expert level in easy steps. This is the complete program that you can provide to the increasing number of people that are searching to learn and improve their lucid dreaming skills and mind meditation techniques ( Out of Body Experiences ). You will earn a whopping commission of 75% per sale by just referring this program to those people, while at the same time they will thank you for helping them to achieve their goal. 

Is This For You?

Being a partner for this product will be beneficial for you if:

1. You have a website related to any of the following:

Occult / Metaphysical / Paranormal / Psychic / Supernatural / Esoteric / Mysteries
Astral Projection / Lucid Dreaming / Out Of Body Experiences / Akashic Records
Clairvoyance / Telekinesis / Telepathy / Aura Reading / Remote Viewing
Life After Death / Near Death Experience / Reincarnation
Personal Development / Manifestation / Law Of Attraction
Gothic / Kabbala / Paganism / Celtic / Shamanism
Wicca / Witchcraft / Magick
Extra Terristrials / UFOs
Numerology / Astrology
Hypnosis / Reiki / NLP
New Age / Spiritualism
Vampire / Werewolf
Kundalini / Yoga
Meditation / Mind Power
Extra Sensory Perception
Mayan Prophecy
Binaural beats


2. You have a list of subscribers who are interested in any of the above topics


3. Even if you do not have a website, or a list of subscribers, but you can drive traffic targeted for any of the above topics.

If you meet any of the above criteria, this product can be very profitable for you!

Pay per Click

Pay Per Click advertisement is a form of advertising where Advertisers pay for visitors on a cost per click basis.

The advertiser create small adverts that go live immediately and can be modified, added or deleted at any time which is a huge advantage.

With such a flexible model, PPC can be an extremly effective advertisement method that brings loads of targeted visitors to your affiliate link.

The most popular Pay Per Click networks are Google AdWords, Yahoo Publisher Network and Microsoft adCenter - ordered according to popularity.

Sample Pay Per Click Adverts

Become a Lucid Dreamer
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Lucid Dreaming Program
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Powerful Lucid Dreaming Courses
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Sample PPC keywords

Tried & Tested Converting Keywords for PPC.

Note: For More Keyword Variations use Google's Keyword Tool


If you are into email marketing and have a list of prospects, below you can find some pre-written emails that you can use for your broadcasts (mass email to your list).

Note: Be sure to customize the emails to suit your needs and update them with your own affiliate link.

Promotional Email 1

Promotional Email 2 (Follow Up)


Forum Signatures

Forums are one of the most neglected means of getting traffic. But it can be a goldmine for getting good, targeted, qualified traffic. You can use the code given below as your forum signature.

If you are a part of any good forum on Mind-power, Self-development, Paranormal etc, you should submit helpful posts that add value to the forum. And if you have a Signature set up in your profile, many people will click on it to see what you are offering/recommending.

Whenever I am active on forums, I often get hundreds of targeted visitors per week...all FREE! So do not overlook this traffic source.

- Don't spam forums. You should always provide value and "give" to the forum first, before you expect to gain anything from it.

Below is a list of some popular forums on Lucid Dreaming and related topics. You might consider joining a few of them.


Sample Forum Signaure 1
Lucid Dreaming Secrets Unveiled (6 eBooks + Audio + lots of Bonuses) - FREE Instant Download!


Sample Forum Signature 2
All Your Lucid Dreaming Questions Answered (6 eBooks + Audio + lots of Bonuses) - FREE Instant Download!


Sample Forum Signature 3
A HUGE Lucid Dreaming Resource (6 eBooks + Audio + lots of Bonuses) - FREE Instant Download!


Sample Forum Signature 4
The Biggest Lucid Dreaming FAQ (6 eBooks + Audio + lots of Bonuses) - FREE Instant Download!


SEO Section - Keywords

  lucid dreaming affiliate

Instant Download list of keywords in .CSV format by clicking here

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Please, SERIOUS webmasters only!

Setting up your account:

STEP 1...

Sign Up with Clickbank for a FREE account. This only takes five minutes by clicking here

STEP 2... 

Add a sales link to your web site or ezine

Here's what your sales link will look like ...

Make sure to replace YOURID with your clickbank ID.

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We will NOT give out the name or email address of the member purchasing their membership through your unique URL. This information is safe with us and will be kept in strict confidence.

Do you live outside the United States?

This reseller program is open to anybody living anywhere in the world, so long as they have internet access. Clickbank will mail you a check in US dollars for your commissions every 2 weeks at the address you indicate. However, please understand that you are responsible for paying your own taxes as defined in your own country. Please also understand that we do not have any knowledge about your postal service or processing a check written in US dollars in your currency. We may thus be unable to assist you in this respect.




Writing articles is a cheap and easy way of promoting this product. Actually, it's more than just "cheap"... it's totally free.

This doesn't cost you a dime... and can rank very well in the search engines.

But, you should know it is NOT as effective as using Pay Per Click. (We recommend you do BOTH!)

Here are the major "article submission" web sites you can use:





There are a TON more out there. Click here for a list via Google.

I've written some articles for you.

I would recommend you rewrite them (even if you do it one sentence at a time) so they won't show up as "duplicate content" by Google and Yahoo. Also, don't forget to leave a catchy signature that gives the reader an incentive to click your link.

Click Here to Download The Articles Pack



Many people have done extremely well promoting our site without spending a dime.

These tactics CAN work, but typically they won't yield near as much money in your pocket as Pay Per Click.

Regardless, I recommend you do this AS WELL as doing pay per click. That way you truly dominate the market from every angle!

So here's a few free techniques you can do right now:

1) Write a review of our course with your affiliate link at the end. You can post these for free on review sites like, and

2) Make a free blog with a site like On your blog talk about our site, then use a site like so your blog shows up in major search engines. Obviously have your affiliate link on this as well!

3) Check out this killer Press Release site, Post a review of the our product on here with your link. You can also pay them $80 and they will make sure your Press Release is put on ALL major search engines.

4) Post videos on and Google Video about our website, and include your affiliate link.

5) Make a review site about similar products and include a review of our product (This works really well right now with all the google slaps going on!).

6) Use "Social Networking" sites like, to promote your affiliate link and build up a network of friends!


Ok, so that's it for now. Time to get to work and start making some money!


If you have any questions, or looking to setup a Joint Venture, send a email to us using our Contact Form Here and we can chat.


Thank You For Your Interest In Promoting The Lucid Dreaming Secrets Unveiled Program!